Alex Brower is a credit union leader, union president, and an educator.  He has the experience, leadership, and values necessary to be our next city comptroller. Please vote on February 18th!


What is a comptroller?

The city comptroller is the financial watchdog for the City of Milwaukee - they provide financial information and help craft policy for city government.  The city comptroller is one of four city-wide positions elected in the spring of 2020.  Learn more about the office here: 


More about Alex

As a credit union leader for over 13 years, Alex helped run a credit union while also founding the New Economy Credit Union Organizing Committee.  As a union president, Alex led efforts which won healthcare benefits for his coworkers and ended efforts to privatize their jobs.  As an educator, Alex works with Milwaukeeans of all backgrounds every day.  Learn more about Alex here:


Why Alex?
Progressive comptrollers around the country use their offices to advocate for positive change and increase public access to information.  As city comptroller, Alex will use this office in the same way – to make Milwaukee a better place for all.  Check out the bold, progressive platform here:


Alex has been endorsed by many local elected officials and New York City's comptroller, Scott Stringer. Check out our endorsements here! 


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