Author: Arthur Edmund

Alex is running for Milwaukee Public School Board District 5!

Friends, we are really pleased to announce that Alex is running for School Board.  We released the following press release this a.m.: 

MILWAUKEE – August 1, 2020 – Today, Alex Brower—educator, union officer, and community leader—announces his candidacy for Milwaukee School Board, District 5 for the election on April 6, 2021. Along with the campaign launch, Brower is also announcing the endorsement of the Milwaukee chapter of Democratic Socialists of America (DSA). 

“Our campaign thanks current District 5 ​School Board ​Director Larry Miller for his service to our schools, community, and the City of Milwaukee,” said Brower, “Larry’s retirement as the District 5 School Board Director means this open seat election will be a great opportunity for us to continue and expand Larry’s progressive legacy.”

Milwaukee Public Schools (MPS) is the largest school district in Wisconsin, serving over 74,000 students in 158 schools. The Milwaukee Board of School Directors is the MPS policy-making body, overseeing the budget process and the overall operations of the school district. 

As a School Board Director, Brower will fight for public schools against the threat of privatization, ensure healthy school environments, and democratize education by opening up school decision making to all stakeholders—parents, students, school staff, and community members. 

“Alex’s background as an educator, union leader, and community advocate means that he really understands where MPS needs improvement, and how to make it better,” said Milwaukee DSA Executive Committee member and chapter co-chair Thomas Hansberger. 

District 5 generally comprises the area of the City of Milwaukee east of I-43 and north of downtown and is one seat of nine that make up the Milwaukee Board of School Directors. 

Brower is a union officer in the Milwaukee Teachers’ Education Association, which represents over 5,000 education workers in MPS and advocates for quality public education in Milwaukee. In 2018, Brower engaged in the Hunger Strike for Substitute Teacher Healthcare—a 21-day hunger strike that won healthcare for two-thirds of MPS substitute teachers. As a School Board Director, he will continue to fight for MPS staff benefits and competitive wages to attract talented educators. In addition to his work as an educator, Brower is the Executive Director of the Wisconsin Alliance for Retired Americans, which fights for retirees and their earned benefits alongside organized labor. 

“MPS has one goal—to support each student’s journey in reaching their full potential to lead a healthy and fulfilling life,” said Brower. “My goal is to make that an equitable reality for all students.”
For more information visit or contact Alex at or (414) 949-8756.