About Alex

Alex Brower is a credit union leader, union president, and an educator.  He has the experience, leadership, and values necessary to be our next city comptroller.   

As a credit union leader, Alex has been involved in the credit union movement and cooperative business for over 13 years. As a union president, Alex revitalized his union and won healthcare benefits for substitute teachers after going on a hunger strike for 21 days. As an educator, Alex serves as a substitute teacher for Milwaukee Public Schools and has worked with many of Milwaukee’s communities.   

Alex is no amateur when it comes to finance. Alex has the business expertise we need to ensure that our tax dollars are being used efficiently to serve the people of Milwaukee and not just big corporations.  A political science graduate of Beloit College, Alex has used his political knowledge to fight for working people. Alex Brower’s experience, leadership and unwavering commitment to the people of Milwaukee and progressive values, make him the best choice for the City of Milwaukee’s next comptroller. 

Credit Union Leader

As a leader in the credit union movement for over 13 years, Alex has the financial and business experience we need. Starting off as a volunteer with the Wisconsin Credit Union League’s credit union activist program, Alex lobbied for consumer-friendly legislation at the Wisconsin Legislature. Alex eventually was hired at Stoppenbach Credit Union in Jefferson, Wisconsin, where he served directly below the President of the credit union as assistant office manager. In this position, he was engaged in loan underwriting, member financial counseling, implementing the accounting cycle, financial statement analysis, board relations, asset repossession and marketing.

Alex is a leader and founding member of the New Economy Credit Union Organizing Committee, which is founding the new Economy Credit Union (NECU). Alex helped form the committee, which, to date, has knocked on thousands of doors, had hundreds of conversations, and held community meetings for a proposed credit union that aims to serve the 53212 zip code of Milwaukee, specifically the Riverwest and Harambee neighborhoods. 

With the help of others, Alex raised thousands of dollars towards the formation of a credit union that will provide quality financial products, foster new cooperative business and organize the underserved neighborhoods to challenge the power of Wall Street, the big banks and the richest 1%. Alex led the development of the application which included: devising and conducting a market survey, securing mentor credit unions, writing bylaws, writing policies and procedures, analyzing the market survey results, projecting product usage based on the market survey.

Union President

As a Milwaukee Public Schools educator, Alex serves as Substitute Teacher President for the Milwaukee Teachers’ Education Association. Alex is officially the President of the Milwaukee Substitute Teachers Association, better known as the “fighting subs.” When he became president, Alex joined with other union activists to defeat a temporary employment agency (Goodwill TalentBridge) and bring all substitute teachers workers into Milwaukee Public Schools so they can have full-time, living wage jobs. 

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Alex Brower’s 21 day hunger strike, together with the efforts of many MTEA members, students, parents, and community supporters helped win healthcare for full time substitute teachers. (Photo Credit: Joe Brusky)

Leading the movement for full-time substitute teacher healthcare, Alex and the “fighting subs” won some healthcare to help attract and retain qualified MPS substitute teachers.  They did this through petitions, protests, and direct action. On May 4, 2018, with next to no other options, Alex launched a hunger strike for substitute teacher healthcare demanding that the MPS School Board provide healthcare to every full-time substitute teacher.  After 21 days without food, the School Board voted to provide funding for up to two-thirds of full-time substitute teachers to receive healthcare.

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 Teachers are leaders.  Teachers, especially substitute teachers, need to be able to communicate and connect with students from all backgrounds and walks of life.  Leaders at City Hall need to exhibit those same traits: the ability to represent all Milwaukeeans and bring us together toward common goals. Alex Brower has been a substitute teacher with Milwaukee Public Schools for several years.